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Mission Accomplished! #BenFoundHisGem

So the wedding day finally happened and it all went so very well. It was, honestly, like a dream come true. After multiple months, in fact years, in the planning, it came off better than we could ever have imagined. Our daughter looked beautiful as I walked her down...

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Mission Chamber Celebrates 125th Anniversary

On Tuesday, the Mission Regional Chamber of Commerce celebrated 125 years of supporting local businesses. What better way to celebrate than by popping some fizzy champagne, cake, chili cook-off, games and the unveiling of their brand-new logo which we had the pleasure...

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Find Your Facebook Memories Now In One Place

Get ready to relive your past Facebook memories! Yesterday Facebook announced a new page called “memories”, a single place on Facebook to reflect on your favorite shared moments with family and friends. So how is this any different from the “On This Day” feature...

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No Spam Please, We’re Canadian!

Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) has been in effect since July of 2014. If you are a Canadian business owner or digital marketer, you need to be aware of what the rules are and how they affect you.

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#WMSH Guest Post: Dr. Theresa Lyons

Dr. Theresa Lyons shares her expertise in this guest post. Her mission is to correct the widespread misinformation on autism, nutrition and therapies and seriously impact the autism epidemic with her science-based approach to food and wellness.

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Copyright Infringement: It Can Happen To You

Copyright infringement is one of the absolute biggest no-no’s in online media. There are no more excuses, you just can’t get away with it any more. Just because you Google an image and it shows up, doesn’t mean it’s free to use on your blog or website.

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Instagram Changes: What You Need to Know as of March 2018

Recent Instagram changes that you need to know about! We all have a little #FOMO (fear of missing out), whether it’s missing a party or your jealous of your friend’s Hawaiian getaway, we are all suffering from a digital case of “Keeping up with the Kardashians”. If...

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8 Ways to Find Great Stories to Tell in Your Business

Ever see a creative marketing campaign that you wish you'd thought of? Do you wonder how other people come up with interesting angles on their content? This used to be the sort of thing that only creatives at advertising agencies had to do. Now, if you can tell a good...

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